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Earlier Works

39000 lab
39000 Feet Above Sea Level, oil on canvas 59"x39"
A Summer I Never Had, oil on canvasboard, 27"x20"
Summore ZSU5857
Summore, oil on canvas, 39"x 33.5"
LA Palm Rossz Minosegben Stet
LA Palimistry, oil on pressboard, 31"x24"
Soul Gipsy
Soul Gypsy, oil on pressboard, 39"x27"
Coueur Noire
The Visitors of Coeur Noire, oil on pressboard, 47"x31"
Joker, oil on canvas, 39"x 33.5"
Uk Kiralyok
Ancient Dawn of New Kings, oil on canvas, 39"x 24"
Reggeli Vasarnap Este MatheZsuzsaSedah
Breakfast, Sunday Evening, oil on canvas, 27"x20"
Fading, oil on canvas, 27"x20"
Nicotine, oil on canvas, 27"x20"