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Urban Stories

430 Kicsi Retus
4:30 AM, oil on canvas, 39"x39" (#8)
CityOfNovember Rosszminoseg
City of November – Waiting for Thoughts to Go, oil on canvas, 27"x20" (#4)
Ejfelutan  MatheZsuzsaSedah
After Midnight , oil on pressboard, 31"x24" (#2)
She Let Me Go, oil on pressboard, 39"x27" (#1)
Sarga Napszemuveg MatheZsuzsaSedah
Yellow Sunglasses, oil on canvas 27"x20" (#7)
Saturday Night – Summoning The Muse, oil on canvas 27"x20" (#5)
My Window -- Monday Morning, oil on canvas, 27"x20" (#3)
Passing by Forever, oil on canvas, 27"x20" (#6)
Downtown Prisoner, oil on canvas, 39"x39" (#9)